The major raw material for the blending oil plant is base oil, which does not contains compounds or additives and received mostly through tankers or occasionally through drums. The raw material is decanted through pump and stored in storage tank. The GSI has installed various vessels for the storage of raw material (i.e. base oil). The vessels are made up of mild steel material to avoid contamination and prolong the life of base oil in storage tank. The capacity of 175000 liter's. The GSI has built the above ground mild steel tank, which are commonly used for the storage of base oil.


Gani Star Industries is lube oil blending plant unit. The lube oil blending plant's entire process activities comprises of decanting of base oil raw material, storage of raw material, kettle process,addition of additives, sampling, inspection of process, product storage. The process activity of the product is only being carried out in a single stage at kettle. Lube oil blending unit is produce the different lubricant products of specified properties by mechanical blending with mixture of base oil and additives. The entire process is performed at kettle. Initially, the base oil is supplied through pump to the blending kettle from the storage tank, where base oil is heated at desired temperature with the addition of additives at desired temperature to obtain the homogenous mixture and produce finished products by improving the strengthen, preservation properties and develop shelf life of product. The additives are added in small fractions as per product requirement to improve and strengthen the blended mixture and produce desired finish product. After the blended desired product in blending kettle, it is filtered and transferred to product storage tank. The process involves the mixing (blending) of additives with the base oil to produce the various finished products such as automotive lubricants, textile lubricants, industrial lubricants, marine lubricants and synthetic lubricants; depending on the composition fraction of additives with the base oil. The finished products incorporate machine lubricant oil, textile machines lubricant oil, transformer lubricant oil, engine lubricant oil, gear lubricant oil, etc.


After the preparation of products in kettles, these products are transfer and temporary store in the storage tank or store in the drums and then packaged in to the drums, tins, bottles and bulkers for shipment to the end user's consumers through filling vacuum and pump. The products are prepared as per requirement of the end user's consumers and minimum quantity of products storage has been made at the unit. The storage of product is done as per the requirement condition through material safety data sheet of the similar products.