GSI considers Environmental management essential for ensuring that all operations at the production unit are planned and executed without degrading the environment and human health, and ensures that it remains compliant to the legal environmental requirements. GSI has secured EMP Licenses which assists the business in the systematic and prompt recognition of their environmental problems, including the effective actions to correct them.

GSI possesses a sound understanding of all the requirements and has trained professionals to ensure compliance at all times. GSI ensures regular monitoring of Environmental Regulations by way of repeated observations and measurement of multiple quality parameters to enable changes to be observed over a period of time. At GSI environmental monitoring is carried out to obtain quantitative information on current levels of harmful or potentially harmful parameters in water discharge. Posters signs and education material regarding safety habits, safety culture and safety tips are available at all the prominent places in the GSI unit. It helps in educating the employee regarding the importance of safety and minimizing the chances of accidents.

In GSI Personal protective equipment like goggles, gloves, safety shoes, and mask are generally used in the plant chemical storage area. With reference to entrance in to chemical storage area related PPEs has been provided for safety purpose. The management has posted at the entrance gate, the mandatory PPE's posters and list required to be worn within process area as well as, required PPE's, chemical handling guidelines and material safety data sheets are also placed with adjacent to the chemicals store area.